What is e-commerce and how does it work?

What is electronic commerce or e-commerce?

Electronic commerce or e-commerce is called the transactions related to the purchase and sale of products and services through online platforms that can include websites, applications, social networks or any other means that allows this type of operations to be carried out over the internet.

This includes any sales transaction you carry out online, such as buying new shoes on a clothing website, buying electronic products on websites like Amazon, buying and selling items on eBay between individuals or buying products on a special website for employees of a company, among many other cases.

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic commerce

E-commerce and business

Online commerce has been a revolution in recent years not only for customers, but also for all types of companies that take advantage of the advantages offered by this medium to expand or start their business in a way that until years ago was unthinkable. However, this activity has its advantages and disadvantages:

Advantages of e-commerce as a business

  • Cost reduction
  • Access to clients from anywhere in the world as the internet is a global medium
  • Ease of inventory, order and customer control
  • Ability to easily offer a large amount of information to the interested customer
  • Ease of sending commercial campaigns to clients

Disadvantages of e-commerce as a business

  • Great competition, especially in already established sectors
  • Constant maintenance of the platform is necessary
  • In case of problems with the platform, the consequences can be serious
  • From one day to the next, changes to a search engine can cause you to lose a large customer base
  • Great dependence on the cost of shipping costs

Different types of e-commerce

B2B: business to business

B2B online commerce (business-to-business) or between companies is one of the most popular types of electronic commerce and encompasses all kinds of activities between two companies through the Internet. A concrete example of this could be a supermarket portal aimed at the hotel sector or a platform for purchasing construction materials for companies engaged in masonry.

B2C: from business to consumer

B2C (business-to-consumer) or business-to-consumer transactions are probably the most popular type of electronic commerce operations. Under this modality, private consumers acquire products or services from a business through electronic commerce, generally through a virtual store on their own website or on specialized platforms in which various sellers offer their services.

Example of B2C transactions are acquiring a computer on a portal such as Amazon, making a purchase in a supermarket as a private individual or offering products to private customers in a virtual store on a platform such as eBay.

B2E: from company to employee

Although this is not such a model in use, B2E (business-to-employee) or company-to-employee e-commerce is a way that some companies have to offer various products or payment services to their employees, generally to a price lower than the market. Its objective is usually that employees enjoy benefits for belonging to the company regardless of salary, either in the form of services and products from the company itself or from other companies through a specialized portal, generally with restricted access.

Some Spanish banks, for example, offer a shopping portal to their employees with a variety of products with significant discounts, while some airlines or hotel chains offer discounts on trips or hotels through their own exclusive portals for their employees.

C2C: consumer to consumer

Another business model is electronic commerce between consumers or C2C (consumer-to-consumer), which basically refers to transactions between private users, which generally encompasses second-hand purchases of products that have already been used previously.

Although traditionally this type of shopping was limited to the local sphere and among acquaintances, they have evolved to the point that not only are there platforms such as eBay, Craigslist or Milanuncios that make it easier for private users to dispose of goods that they do not need, but that have emerged even specialized C2C applications such as Wallapop in which the clients themselves negotiate the sale of second-hand products of all kinds such as telephones, accessories, clothing, comics or any other type of article.

G2C: from government to consumer

G2C (government-to-consumer) transactions from government to consumer are probably the least common and occur when a government of any field offers citizens access to online services or products through its own portals or platforms.

Generally, these require identification to associate each procedure with a specific citizen. Although the offer is usually very limited, normally in this area electronic service transactions, such as online tax returns or access to certificates, claims or government procedures by the consumer, generally move.


It is known to most people within the business area that the way in which brands or companies around the world market their products and services has changed over the years. It is no longer just a matter of who records the best radio spot or who places the most striking billboard in the best focal point of the city, but of using the different media that digital evolution brought with it to cover a larger audience, since in Today, many potential customers take the Internet as a daily resource to satisfy even their most trivial needs.

Although it is true, the sum of active users on the Internet has already exceeded the 4 billion barrier ( Internet Live Stats), so then it is clear that advertising on the Internet is an important aspect to take into account. Today’s online presence is even a decisive part for the sales of a business, thanks to the fact that – as we said in the previous paragraph – there is this undeniable number of people who are looking for, and hope, to find the online companies that best suit to what they require instantly; be it food, fashion, health, home, travel, etc.

However, running a business on the Internet and getting noticed takes a lot of work, since just like you, there are millions of other options that offer the same product or service. So how do you differentiate yourself from them and ensure that your potential customers choose you? That’s where the magic of marketing.

The Overview Regarding Digital Marketing

What is known as digital marketing is a powerful weapon for those who operate online and there is no way to deny it. This concept was created with the purpose of helping businesses achieve better visibility and popularity with the public on the Internet, achieving it through a variety of branches, which together, form a complete digital marketing campaign that, if you know how to handle, it can mean the success of a company with an Internet presence.

However, the market overview of what digital marketing is all about is limited, not to say wrong. There are still companies that have the wrong idea about what it is to do online marketing and consider that marketingIn social networks it is a sufficient resource to achieve all the goals that are proposed to be obtained during this process. When the reality is that there is a respectable difference between doing social media marketing and what it is, digital marketing.

Marketing in Social Media Marketing Vs. Digital: The Importance of Knowing Your Differences

First of all, the definition of both concepts points out that marketing on social networks and digital marketing although different, complement each other . The mistake then is of those who believe that social media marketing is the only means of promotion and, therefore, make it a bad assumption of ‘digital marketing’.

As its name implies, social media marketing focuses on attracting and retaining customers through the different social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, using the pertinent tactics that range from publishing visual and textual content, contests, sweepstakes, among other methods or techniques that are of interest to your target.and move their attention to your business.

Yes , the Global Digital Statshot maintains that as of October 2018, there were more than 3 billion active users on social networks, so it is not surprising that companies put all their efforts into marketing on social networks to boost their sales; there is a big market there. Despite this, the problem that is important to highlight is when these companies focus all their attention and budget on just this strategy, leaving aside the opportunity to exploit in the best way the possibilities of success that the Internet offers for business, that is, , to make a function of True Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing: It is the Father of Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses an infinity of options for Internet marketing and encompasses them within a term that requires different strategies / tools to considerably increase the visibility, popularity and prosperity of a business on the Internet. Among the strategies / tools Most notable in digital marketing are SEO, web development, Email Marketing , content marketing , SEM, PPC, web analytics… and social media marketing .

Why It Is Important To Do All Digital Marketing Strategies Instead Of Just Part Of It

According to a study carried out by Nielsen, 60% of Internet users consult about a product or service online before making the purchase , and the common way to do this is through the different search engines that exist in the Network, the most popular being Google, of course. In particular, this technology giant indexes user results with strict criteria of the websites with the highest relevance, highest score, traffic, review score, visits, responsive technology , loading time; the list is long.

For this reason, the task of differentiating your brand or company from the competition becomes complicated, due to the hundreds of websites that seek – like you – to be in the first places and more visible to potential customers; The good use of digital marketing, with its tools, strategies and techniques, becomes a vital element for your business during this process.

Each tool that digital marketing offers is in charge of covering your target audience from different platforms to attract them to your website, either with the mass sending of emails, social media marketing , paid advertising, blog posts., news, SEO, among others, so it is clear how indispensable this concept is and why it is important to take into account all the pieces of the puzzle instead of just one or a few of them.

How to Find Best Digital Marketing Agency

If you have come this far, it is because you are looking for information and references on the best digital marketing agency or the best agencies in an online marketing service such as SEM, SEO, advertising on social networks or social media management.

In this post you will NOT find one more ranking of the best agencies. Of that there are already many articles on the net.

In this post, I would like to tell you why marketINhouse is the best digital marketing agency you can find. Yes, it is a self-promotion post ☺ But further, I want to justify the why and give you some criteria to assess a good agency.

Our clients tell you why we are the best agency

With the close of the first half of 2020, we have launched a survey to our clients. In it we asked multiple factors with the idea of obtaining information as well as polishing everything that could be improved in order to provide a good service. For us, the customer’s opinion comes first, along with the results.

In this survey, criteria according to our business vision and the factors that we consider key to consider a marketing agency the best were taken into account : proximity, trust, transparency, search for solutions, support, speed, flexibility, involvement, etc.

If you still do not know us, our reason is to improve the service in digital marketing agencies and get to be part of the company, as if it were the marketing department itself.

We also assess other criteria such as technical knowledge, equipment, monitoring or reports, among others.

Factors to choose the best digital marketing agency

It seems to us that a good way of evaluating the services was giving a grade from 1 to 5, with 1 being not very satisfied and 5 being very satisfied.

  • Closeness : 95.6% of the answers above 4.
  • Confidence : 100% above 4.
  • Transparency : 95.6% above 4.
  • Technical knowledge : 100% above 4.
  • Search for solutions: 91.3% above 4.
  • Support : 91.3% above 4.
  • Team / Managers : 95.6% in satisfaction above 4.
  • Speed : 74% above 4.
  • Results : 79% above 4. 21.7% in 3, I suppose it can always be improved, right?
  • Involvement : 100% above 4.


What is valued in a digital marketing agency?

In the part of open answers, what is the most valued thing about marketINhouse in general? We leave you some examples:

  • The result
  • Closeness
  • Different services
  • Performance marketing experience
  • Closeness and trust
  • The closeness
  • Proposal of solutions and speed
  • Closeness and goodwill
  • Professionalism, close treatment and problem solving

Are there points to improve? Of course! We have learned that we have to make a greater volume of proposals once working, new channels and actions to continue improving.

We have also been ‘scolded’ several times, because our own marketing is not as good as what we give to our customers. Chapó.

Best SEM and PPC Agency

Within our areas of expertise, paid media campaigns are a very important area. In this sense, we have recently come out in the ranking of the best SEM agencies .

In this article we are valued by our managed investment , customers or certified Google optimizers . In the same way, they take into account the distribution of the investment in Google Ads:

  • % of SEM investment in Search : 75%
  • % SEM investment in Display : 9%
  • % of SEM investment in Shopping : 11%
  • % SEM investment in Video: 5%

Beyond this anecdote, we are partners of Google and Agency Champions of LinkedIn.

As part of your team, we seek profitability and that is reflected in numbers. We will be happy to share average and anonymous numbers of ROAS, ROI, CPAs or CPLs if we talk ☺

How to identify a professional digital marketing agency (SEM, SEO …)?

Complete briefing

The best digital marketing agency should ask you for details on the first call or meeting. The information is main part of the process and strategy. An agency that makes strategies or campaigns like churros, without personalizing, without asking who the target is , what is the average ticket or the best-selling products … Bad business!

Closeness, trust and good vibes in the first contact

Recently I was reading a phrase that said something like ” work with the one with whom you could go have a beer later “. Okay, it doesn’t have to be that way, but if you work with an agency, you’re going to have a lot of relationship with it and its team. Thus, choose well. Do you want to deal with edge people every day? With people who do not accept their mistakes or who constantly tell you that everything is fine when you know perfectly well that it is not?

Certifications and badges

Although it is not always a reflection of good service, it can help filter between some agencies and others. Having Google Ads Premiere certifications, for example, or LinkedIn Agency Champions or Facebook , is an indicator that you manage large budgets and that you are up-to-date with the latest trends in digital marketing.

Experience and clients

What clients does the agency have? Theoretically a better digital marketing agency, better clients. Be careful, there is a point where it is no longer directly proportional and the brand or reputation of the agency comes into play, the ease of commercials to play golf with big shots from companies or invite copious dinners. But hey, it can be a factor to assess.


Flees. If you see this in a contract … Run away! You are clearly not facing one of the best digital marketing agencies. This is very common in SEM agencies that stuff themselves with clients and then neglect them.

Great promises and clarity

A quality agency must be realistic and know that things can and may not work. If they promise you gold before starting work, watch out.

Reviews and recommendations

As in all areas, nothing is more powerful than the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance with knowledge in the sector . If you can be lucky enough to be recommended the best SEM, SEO or social media advertising agency, you have it done. If not, you can always take a look at the Google reviews and see how well they are rated.


If I have not managed to make you consider us the best digital marketing agency , or at least the best agency in Madrid , I hope at least I have helped you to know how to choose wisely … Or at least make you feel like being able to contact us .

Choosing a digital marketing agency, or one specialized in SEO, SEM or Social Networks is complicated and the stakes are high. Make the decision patiently.

Digital Marketing: Why Is It Important And How Can You Use It To Your Advantage?

In the world of marketing, understanding your audience is the most important rule to follow. Today’s consumers are constantly connected to the rest of the world through the use of technology.

Rather than trying to promote their business to consumers through traditional tools such as newspapers and outdoor advertisements, modern marketers must take advantage of this class of tech-savvy consumers, which can be done through digital marketing.

what is the digital marketing?

The idea of ​​digital marketing is nothing new. The term was coined in the 1990s, and since then it has grown in importance. However, you may still be wondering, “What is digital marketing?”

Digital marketing can be defined as the promotion of products and / or brands through the use of electronic means.

This global term for digital marketing includes any marketing via television, radio, websites, email, social media marketing, text messages, and other media platforms.

Digital marketing allows companies to track the success of their marketing strategies with ease.

Understanding the importance of digital marketing will lead to greater knowledge on how to market your business successfully.

Why is digital marketing so important?

As stated above, companies often use digital marketing as a tool to keep track of how well they are marketing their business.

Using traditional media such as print magazines or newspapers to promote your business is now less effective than digital media because these types of channels are very difficult to track.

While it’s easy to track the number of magazine copies sold, it’s difficult to determine exactly how many people will read it once it’s purchased.

Media monitoring using digital marketing has proven extremely beneficial to marketers around the world and continues to increase in value.

When brands incorporate a digital marketing strategy into their marketing plan, they can use this as a tool to monitor not only how many people see their ads, but also how long they see the ad, if they click on the ad, and whether or not. They go through buying the product after clicking on the ad.

These statistics are available to marketers in digital marketing agencies in real time, which makes them much more effective.

How should marketers current?

With real-time information streaming, marketers can quickly decide what they did right, what they should have done differently, and how to change their digital marketing ads for more success in the future.

However, views and clicks are not the only tools that digital marketing agencies can use to track their success.

The online conversations consumers have about companies and products are also being monitored.

The creation of social networks has allowed consumers to be connected not only to the business itself, but also to other consumers with similar purchasing patterns.

Consumers trust the opinions of others more than they trust the brand itself.

If customers are extremely satisfied with a product, your online discussions could prompt more hesitant consumers to make a purchase.

Reviews and open conversations on company websites are extremely important for digital marketing agencies to monitor as well.

The ability to see what consumers really think about a brand or product can be extremely beneficial for marketers.

The unfiltered and uncensored reviews can tell the company exactly what they are doing wrong and give them the ability to step in and fix it.

How to promote your business using a digital marketing strategy?

The most important thing for you to understand as a marketer are the wants and needs of your audience, and digital marketing offers a means to do just that.

The ability to analyze customer thoughts and opinions can be very beneficial for digital marketers.

However, creating a two-way conversation with these consumers can benefit your business even more. Building relationships with your customers creates greater brand loyalty and builds trust.

Although customers are likely to listen to the opinions of other customers like them, earning their trust is still very important in promoting your business.

Knowing where to reach your audience is key to building this relationship. Understanding the media channels they use, such as preferred social media platforms or company websites, can lead to better consumer engagement.

It is also important to start a conversation with your audience . Being proactive will lead to greater success in the world of digital marketing than simply responding to a customer complaint.

Following up on all of these conversations can greatly benefit your digital marketing agency and allow them to make marketing decisions quickly.

Digital marketing is an incredibly complex and significant tool. However, this tool can make marketing your business simpler and more productive.

With real-time results, digital marketing agencies can quickly analyze data so your business can improve its marketing strategy in the future.

5 key steps to creating a sales-oriented website


I have been fortunate to know the evolution in web page design since in 1996 I began to carry out my first web projects in a professional way, and in this time I have been able to understand the keys to creating a sales-oriented website. I remember that then I used tools like the Netscape browser editor , which allowed creating html pages organized with tables, frames, some primary css, etc.

Since then, many things have changed and others not so much, because since the web must be responsive and accessible from mobile devices, the new web pages structurally resemble the first ones, lighter and faster to load in the then more precarious internet connections .

One of the first challenges is to create the right team of people to carry out the planning of the project. The IT department is usually chosen, but they need those responsible for marketing, communication and sales, if we want the website to be aligned with the business objectives.

You may be interested in this other post about 3 keys to create a better corporate website

Every web project has three fundamental phases of development that generally involve several departments of the company:

  • Information design: what we want to offer to our audience
  • Navigation design: how we will guide interaction and conversion on the web
  • Visual design: defining the graphic style of the site

Most companies think about the positioning of their website in the search engines after creating their website on the internet, they even usually start the project evaluating possible graphic designs without even thinking about the business objectives.

Starting from this initial approach, in these years of experience we have been able to develop 5 stages with more concrete actions. If you are considering the development of a new website for your company, this process will help you so that a website is well oriented to marketing and sales.

Stage 1 – Project definition.

Stage 2 – Navigation planning and design.

Stage 3 – Visual design.

Stage 4 – Production and control.

Stage 5 – Publication, maintenance and optimization.

Stage 1 – Project definition.

It seems obvious but generally you want to start the development of a new website without clearly analyzing the objectives or those that motivate the change are too generalist such as “modernize the web”, “make it more accessible”, “generate sales”. It is almost always posed from the company’s own perspective without thinking about who we want to really use it.

You can ask yourself a series of questions to try to define those objectives and how you can align them with your marketing and sales objectives:

  • What are the conversion goals of the website?
  • What is the proposed plan to achieve them?
  • How much is the project going to cost?
  • How much time or resources are allocated to the project?
  • What will be the graphic and communication line?

In this topic you can develop key actions such as collecting information about the company, products and services, preparing a survey of potential customers, conducting an internal briefing by departments to analyze the objectives.

In any inbound marketing strategy in which we want to attract business opportunities, the web must be the axis and center of operations, therefore the detailed analysis of your buyer persona will help you define their priorities and plan your project based on their motivations to offer you what you are looking for.

From this moment on you can have a good briefing to hire an external company to develop your website or to go ahead and run it from within your company.

Stage 2 – Information planning and navigation design.

This phase deals with the design of the information, regarding the content, the structure of the site and the navigation by the user. It is about planning before designing, in addition to obtaining content from all departments.

It is the moment to see the digital marketing strategy, the phases of the purchase process of your client and evaluate each part of the web and how it helps your target audience at each moment of the decision phases.

For this, the navigation routes must be established taking into account the points of contact and conversion .

The objectives for this stage should be:

  • Plan your SEO search engine positioning strategy.
  • Establish the content of the website.
  • Create the content delivery plan for site updates.
  • Establish a sitemap and navigation and conversion paths.
  • Plan the necessary programming and the order of development.

Stage 3 – Visual design.

Now that we know what information we want to offer, when we have thought about our visitors in their different stages of the purchase process and points of arrival to our website and the conversion routes, it is time to start thinking about graphic creativity and how this can help facilitate access to conversion, understanding the tone of communication and integration with the brand identity.

Nowadays an intelligent design must be made thinking about the use, times and technical capacities of our audience .

You can establish a creative summary with the communication department and the steps can be taken in the layout:

  • Review the business objectives of the website.
  • Plan graphic creativity and design based on user needs, aligned with our creative brief, customer surveys, internal briefing, and approved content diagrams and navigation routes.
  • Approval of design sketches by web elements.
  • Creation of a functional prototype that should provide an overview of the functionality, without design, to approve and avoid delays in later phases of development.
  • Create the final graphic templates
  • Create a design style guide, with definition of colors, fonts used, etc.

Stage 4 – Production and control.

This is the phase to start working at the development level, implementing and integrating design and programming. It has three different parts: Prepare, Schedule and Test.

This is when the functionalities of the site begin to be shaped and we must review how we are complying with the budget and set times.

Stage 5 – Publication, maintenance and optimization.

This is the phase for publishing the website, planning maintenance, reviewing project documentation, and testing on the publishing server.

The objective is to publish the developed website, do more tests on the final server, document the project to facilitate its maintenance.

In addition, we must prepare the maintenance according to the content marketing strategy , complete the project style guide, review all the important programming documentation and review the fulfillment of the project in terms of time, costs, resources, etc.

The web is something alive, necessary in the commercial strategy of our day to day, therefore this last stage of development must lay the foundations for continuous optimization and improvement work based on positioning analysis, traffic evaluation and behavior of users on the web.

How much does a website cost in 2020? Prices, rates and indicative budgets


It seems like a complicated question to answer but in this article we are going to give you the keys and all the necessary data so that you can know how much it would cost to create a self-managed professional website in 2020, with a blog, adapted to mobiles, tablets and what functions it should have in relation to at your price.

To understand how much a web page costs you have to go step by step, especially if you are a non-technical user . Remember that the cheapest is not always the best, sometimes more expensive web pages turn out to be cheaper and more functional.

Ordering a website is not like buying a car or a mobile phone. We are buying a service with which we intend to launch our online business . It is especially important if we want to use our page for online marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, selling online or getting traffic through search engine optimization.

What type of website do I need?

The best recommendation we can give you is that you do not make a custom website , or rather, from scratch . Years ago that was the only way to work and the costs did not drop below 2,000 euros, but now the web pages are made using a free content manager , such as WordPress , Joomla , Prestashop , etc. The good thing about CMS or content managers is that they allow you to use a template design , which greatly reduces the cost of the project to be carried out. The template designs we are talking about are premium and professional, they have the best design and functions that you can find in the market.

If you use a template design and a standard CMS like WordPress your page will never fall short, there are currently more than 30,000 free plugins ready to download and use. You will also have blog and SEO optimization .

Are there websites of 100 euros or 200 euros? What functions should they have?

We are very flexible and we have very varied web prices since we want to reach a wide range of users. Our prices range from 149 euros, 549 euros and upwards , here you have all the information or if you prefer you can go directly to the different offers:

  • € 149 website
  • € 549 website
  • Web with custom budget

The amount varies depending on how many pages have to be designed, the number of hours dedicated to customizing the design, if you want us to visit you, etc. We recommend that you make your website on WordPress, the best CMS of the moment, free and the safest.

The pages that cost more money what can they add?

In our case, the more expensive pages contribute more hours in design , which makes your page more attractive and professional. Buying a more expensive website will guarantee more elaboration in web design, your page will be more attractive, professional and elegant, essential if you have a company or online business.

Many people ask if in WordPress you can get a custom, personalized web design, as they say “no template”. Of course, you can actually create a custom template for your WordPress installation, it is best if you want something totally tailor-made for you.

Which option is best for me?

If you want a simple business design and spend little money, we recommend that you choose our Professional Website . If, on the other hand, you want to have a more personalized design, that has a certain aesthetic line according to the image of your company, we recommend the Advanced Web that is supposed to be more expensive, although we say that the most expensive does not have to be the most expensive , the most expensive thing is to order a cheap website and that then does not serve its purpose.

What is the monthly cost of a website?

A website needs a domain , for example mycompany.com, which costs about € 10-15 per year . You also need a hosting or accommodation , which consists of a server where your page will be running 24 hours a day. If you are interested in something cheap, you can hire a standard unmanaged accommodation, it can be around 5 euros a month , but you should know that they only take care of the server, not the page, if there is an incident with it you must solve it yourself. That is why the most recommended and professional thing is to have a managed accommodationLike the one we offer, we take care of the server and the page, we monitor it so that it does not fall, we monitor security, we take care of it and we give you specific support, this service costs 19 euros per month , here you have more information . It may seem more expensive to pay 5 euros a month but it is not the same, with the cheap price you have only hosting and with the 19 you also have maintenance, you have more service.

What role does SEO play in all of this?

In our case, if you choose a Web Landing , Professional or Premium Web , don’t worry because being made in WordPress it can be optimized for SEO . What we do strongly advise is that you hire an SEO campaign with us or any professional to carry out the implementation and creation of SEO content in order to achieve the highest possible search engine positions.

What optional services may interest me?

At Web Artesanal we offer a series of optional packages with the following prices:

  • Advanced initial SEO campaign , € 279 . We perform SEO for five keywords, competitor analysis, geographic location, trends, etc.
  • Adapt the website to another language , € 149 . We adapt the web to another language, replicating the same structure and content. This price does not include the cost of the translation. This price includes a maximum of 10 pages.
  • Video training to learn how to manage the page, € 119 . We record numerous short training videos directly on your page to teach you how to update the contents: how to publish news, change images, configure the home page, etc. These videos usually about 12 or 15 and the total duration is approximately 25 minutes.
  • Face-to-face training to learn how to manage the page. We give you face-to-face training in your office ( € 50 / h ) or in ours ( € 45 / h ) to teach you how to update the content of your website: how to publish news, change images, advice on content, SEO and other interesting aspects. This course can last between 3 and 5 hours depending on what you are interested in delving into the tool.

Do you want to know how much it costs to create an ecommerce ? Here we leave you this article that will surely help you . You will see two types of ecommerce, one in WordPress with Woocommerce, which is the best option if your sale is simple, and another more expensive option under Prestashop environment, a much more advanced and complex type of ecommerce.

Who can design my website for me? An agency or a freelance designer?

website priceThis is like everything, it depends on the professionalism that one or the other can contribute. There is nothing like asking for access to the portfolio to see the work done by one and the other.

A WordPress agency or a web design agency in general will almost certainly have higher prices, they have to assume higher costs in their business, employees, office, etc.

On the other hand, a freelance web designer has a tighter economy, therefore their prices may be cheaper at first glance.

What is usually thought of both is that the agency can offer greater credibility and guarantee of good execution of the work, compared to a freelance developer. However, this does not have to be like this. We have seen very often how the agency hired the freelance designer to do the work and they acted as mere intermediaries. In other cases, we have seen how the agency carried out the work with its staff, logically it is not the same.

Our opinion in this regard is very clear. You will pay the price of the website only once and possibly over time you will not remember how much you paid. So … what does it matter? The final result. Your page must be professional, with a good design, architecture, that is easy to update and that it will serve for many years, that it is suitable for search engine positioning.

5 Design Tips to Make a Professional Flyer for a Business


Whether you are setting up a store or looking for new clients, you will need an eye-catching and elegant business brochure.In this article, we’ll give you ten pro tips for designing flyers that are the ultimate multitasker — functional, straightforward … and a lot more creative than you might think!

The main purpose of a flyer is to attract attention; And the secondary purpose is to convert sales — through information about unmissable offers or event details, for example. Sure, this means it’s not going to be a prized work of art, but you can still make a flyer that looks amazing, while serving both purposes.

1. Function Before Form

OK, so before we get distracted by the fun design stuff, let’s have a reality check first. You may want to make your flyer like a Michelangelo masterpiece but realistically, most people won’t see it in that light at all.

Whether you are advertising a computer sale or club night, you must remember that your brochure has to be eye-catching enough to be picked up and seen. The information in it has to be clear and concise enough to convince that person to take a look at your store or attend your event.

Take note of this functional checklist and review your business flyer at the beginning and end of the design process to make sure it fits some or all of these:

  • Keep the information concise – edit the content of the text only with essential information and do not be tempted to talk. A flyer reader’s attention span is super-short, so make what they read in that split second count.
  • Make the information easy to read — make sure your font sizes are large and your heading generous. And don’t be afraid to let a big, bold headline dominate much of the flyer.
  • Make contact details and other essential information instantly accessible – extract a website address in bold color or make sure the date and time of an event or sale is highlighted on a large scale.
  • Apply a WYSIWYG attitude (what you see is what you get) —if you are selling a product, grow from offering an image of it. It may seem like simple common sense, but giving the reader a visual appearance to accompany a text element will help your flyer convert sales much more easily. Get inspired by this stylish sales brochure — each text item is accompanied by a simple image of the product being sold. Treat your business brochure like a storefront — stores put their products in the window because they know that people ultimately buy with their eyes.

2. Lack of space? Rejille!

One of the biggest challenges graphic designers face is how to make the most of a small amount of print space. With most flyers restricted to a standard A5 ( 148mm x 210mm ) or A6 ( 105mm x 148mm ) page size, you’ll need to think a little more creatively about how to position your design.

While with a more formal invitation or brochure you may seek to organize the text content in a column on the page, with a flyer you can and should be more experimental with your grid. Full-size newspaper-style columns might seem a bit stiff, so try dividing your flyer into irregular sections. Take a look at this cleverly laid out corporate flyer .

3. Play It Right …

Sometimes an underrated steering wheel can be a perfectly presented design move. If you’re targeting the smarter consumer or corporate it might not be the wisest idea to throw a rainbow of light colors or outrageous decorative font into the mix.

Aim for a minimal, subtle, and calm aesthetic. If you are advertising corporate services or a business convention in an understated design style, Plano will attract your target market with very little effort.

Stick to a black, white, and gray palette; restricting itself to just a touch of bold (but appropriate) color. Turquoises, mustards, pale grays, and mint greens are corporate at their core, and they prevent the steering wheel from drifting through tasteless territory.

4. … But Don’t Be Boring!

Whether you’re making a minimal flier or a full statement, you want to avoid the curse of sleaze at all costs. Underrated designs can be transformed from tasteless to bright with a skillful application of color.

If you are looking to advertise something more casual and attention seeking, such as a club night, expo, or festival, you just can’t afford to be boring at all!

You want to inject the spirit of the event itself into your flyer. Looking at your flyer should transport the viewer to the event and allow them to imagine what it would be like to experience the event. If your steering wheel is a bit on the boring side, they certainly aren’t going to get into the holiday spirit.

5. Give your Design a Technological Appeal

Even though you are probably designing your brochure for print, you may be advertising advertising services or products that can be accessed or purchased online. More and more companies are moving their businesses exclusively online and as a result, the majority of consumers interact with brands through websites or applications.

It should be noted that flyers and apps have a number of things in common, even though a printed flyer lacks the element of interactivity. Both brochures and applications are optimized for small spaces and as a result, both need to make their information as efficient and easy to read as possible. They are also tasked with holding the attention of someone who may easily have a number of other distractions that they can be drawn to, be it other apps on their phone or other flyers at a display booth.

Ultimately, apps are a great example of efficient and eye-catching design and you can take these lessons from the digital world and apply them to your printed brochure designs.

Take a look at some of the apps you use most often — what elements do they offer that could be used in print design? Whether it’s a strong and simple color palette, chunky buttons, or a clean sans-serif typeface, these will bring a desirable and very modern app-inspired charm to your business flyer.

How to become a Web Designer


It is clear that today web designers are in great demand, many are the companies that need a web designer to work for external clients or simply to develop company pages.

Before being able to become a web designer, we must make it clear that today a web designer is not only in charge of designing the page, he also has to be able to convert that design to the web or as it is also called ” layout “.

You must learn to use the tools used in web page design every day, learn the languages ​​used to develop websites, as well as be creative and have a good knowledge of graphic design. Why Graphic Design? Easy, having knowledge as graphic designers we will be able to create pleasant, beautiful and functional designs, remember that everything enters through the eyes.

The languages ​​that you must learn and know them by heart are HTML (HyperText Mark Language) and CSS (Cascade Style Sheet), it is also advisable to know a little JavaScript .

Mastering these languages ​​will make you able to convert the web design captured in your favorite graphics program such as Photoshop or Illustrator to a web as such.

Some of the most used tools in the world of web design are Photoshop , Illustrator , Dreamweaver , and in general the entire Adobe suite.

To make your web pages, that is, convert them to webs from the designs created in Photoshop, Illustrator or the program you use (don’t even think about using Corel Draw), just have a text editor, yes, you read that right, just a text editor like Notepad, or a more powerful one like SublimeText, of course you can use other programs like DreamWeaver for example.

Although I am not an Adobe devotee and in fact I only use Photoshop and Illustrator, using tools like Dreamweaver to build your websites is a good way to start. Once you have well memorized all the tags used in HTML and CSS languages, I recommend using only a text editor (like SublimeText).

Why use a text editor and not Dreamweaver in Web Design?

Simple, they both do the same function, Dreamweaver works as a code editor like a notepad, the only difference is that it has many tools to add code with just clicks, and of course, even here you will think that Dreamweaver is better, but the reality is that if we want to become excellent web designers , we have to know how to prepare our web pages by hand, writing the code by hand, therefore if we continue to use this type of program always, we will become dependent and not We will know how to code, and of course, these programs use much more resources than a simple text editor.

Last but not least, we must know about SEO, specifically about SEO On-Page , with this we will give a plus to our work.

To sum up, if we want to become excellent web designers and not just be one more in the web design sector, let’s be clear:

  • Have knowledge of Graphic Design and User Centered Design
  • Learn html, css and js languages
  • Do not depend on programs to develop the webs (like DreamWeaver, I already told you it is good to start but nothing more)
  • Learn About On-Page SEO and General Page Optimization
  • Elbow everything but absolutely everything you can by hand, don’t depend on tools, if you want to be the best, do it all by hand.
  • Learn about Responsive Design and make all your websites under this technology.



If you are considering giving a new image to your website, it is very likely that you will have thousands of doubts, but I bet what you want that possibly the most important is: is it worth hiring someone to design my web page, or better I do it so that I adapt the design to a template?

Lately there are many companies, newer or older, offering web design services. But the reality is quite another: what they offer does not correspond to what they really do.

For this reason, given the dishonesty of some companies, I want to explain to you what differences there are between a template installation and a web design so that you are clear about what you hire and what you should expect in each case.

We feel frustration every time we get a customer who has been deceived or who has bought something that had not been specified as such and has even paid a much higher price than it costs for an almost zero result.

1. Web design is not filling the spaces of a template with text

It is true that templates are more and more prepared to do more fancy stuff and differentiate them from other websites with the same template, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with using them.

In our case, when a client enters the studio who wants a template installation, before introducing the content, there is a design process.

Because they are our templates and we know what possibilities and limitations they have. And we are not exclusively dedicated to dumping the content and making it look as it is.

But first we propose an identity for the brand, and from this we see the best ways to distribute the client’s content on the web, section by section. That’s why we always order all content in advance.

We never give the client a columnar layout sketch and ask them to fill in the spaces with text . That’s unprofessional, and it’s one of the most common pseudo-designer mistakes.

There is nothing wrong with offering the customer an installation of a template, and then making some design adjustments. But that is not web design, and sometimes, not even design.

2. A template adaptation does not have the same freedom to design as a website from scratch

There are millions of predesigned templates, even we have a good collection available so that anyone can have a beautiful website in an easy and economical way.

But a template installation can never be sold as a web design from scratch, because there is not the same freedom of creation nor are there the same hours of work that it takes to design a web from scratch.

Let me explain, one thing is to make a web design from scratch, as I explained in this post , and quite another is to adapt a predesigned template. What a eye, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as it is specified and the price is consistent with the work behind it. I’ll tell you about the latter later.

The criticism goes towards the companies that charge to install a template and “give it design” at the price of an exclusive web design, in which all the content is studied, structured and designed based on it so that everything fits.

And it is more than clear that this is not what they do, that is why the result you get is not what you wanted.

As we have already mentioned, the main difference between a web design and a template installation is that, while in web design from scratch the content is distributed judiciously but with total freedom, in a template installation, although there is some freedom, this is conditioned by the characteristics of the staff.

This is even more evident when the person who considers himself a “designer” all he does is choose a template and, without even considering its structure, dumps the client’s content so that it adapts to the template, and not the other way around. regardless of whether it looks good or bad. And this is not how you have to work.

The process should be the reverse: first we read the content, and then we see what possibilities that template gives us to structure the text in the best possible way. This is how we like to work.

And not like other people do, who directly take one of the predetermined structures that the template brings, and limit themselves to dumping the content. And if it looks good or bad, it is no longer your business. We complain about that kind of “designers”.

3. Not all designers are web designers

Designers complain that our work is not appreciated enough. Many people believe that designers work for the love of art, and that is not the case.

If that were not enough handicap for the job, the worst is when the same professionals who demand respect are the first to disrespect discipline.

Because yes, deceiving the client, who does not know what our work consists of and all the hours behind it, is disrespecting the trade and the rest of the professionals who work in the world of graphic and web design.

Neither is being a graphic designer the same as being a web designer. The field of design is very broad and, as in all professions, there are many specializations and each one has its things.

At the end of the day, it could be said that we work with a “product”, in our case a web page, which has different elements than wedding invitations, for example. Although in both cases the design is the core.

A good web designer, even if he works with a template, will take care of all the details and will try to make the most of it so that your content stands out and you can differentiate yourself from the rest.

It is important to trust a team that has good designers and programmers. Because it is useless to take a very beautiful template if the designer is not going to know how to take advantage of it. And it is useless if the programmer can change the template at will, if he does not have a designer behind him who gives him the criteria so that the result looks good.

4. Don’t be charged the same for a web design as for a template installation

When you go to hire a designer for your website, look at the price and then hire him with his work. A personalized and exclusive web design is expensive. On the other hand, a template installation (with design revisions) is much cheaper since, as I told you, the work time is reduced.

Once you know the price, look at the designer’s work. Open each of the websites that you have designed and check its structure (that is, the elements that it showed you in the previous image).

You will see that there are things that are repeated in excess, that there is text dumped without being designed, I have even seen cases in which the studio’s own website has not changed the favicon and continues to maintain the one of the theme that has been purchased. A huge mistake that, personally, in our study we would never allow ourselves.

Look at this image in which I show you some elements with which you can deduce if what they sell you as an exclusive and own design is, in fact, the adaptation of an existing template.

These little details are what differentiate a good team from a bad one. And what then makes the client, that is, you, is more or less satisfied with the work done.

With this slightly different post we want to make you see that not all those who sell you web design really do it, and that they try to give a hoot. Because we’ve been watching it for too long, and we couldn’t take it anymore.

So no, there is nothing wrong with buying a template and redesigning on it, as long as the client is informed of the actual procedure and is not tried to trick him by selling him a “web design”.

Have you ever come across some cases like the ones I have told you about, or have you not realized this dark side of the world of web design?

I assure you that from today on you will pay more attention to these small details and you will value the work behind this sometimes unknown world in another way.

Responsive Web Design, what is it and how to make your website adaptable to mobile phones?


More than 60% of users connect from mobile phones, a figure that increases year after year and, faced with this reality, making the design of your web page Responsive or Adaptive is the only option to avoid losing a large number of visitors on the Internet.

Every company on the Internet needs to evolve at the same rate that the medium evolves. Currently there is a great trend towards mobile devices , which, broadly speaking, behave differently than desktop devices.

If it is the first time that you hear this option of the two web pages, I will explain briefly so that you have an idea of ​​what I am talking about. At first, when you wanted to reach users of mobile devices, the solution was to create two versions of the same web page. What was done was to instruct the browser to access one version or another depending on the device.

In fact, you can still see there some web pages that are designed that way, for example in my case I see it on the web pages of banks.

Now, with the idea of ​​responsive web design, what is done is to avoid creating two versions of the same web page separately and giving the instructions to the browser from the style sheet of our page. In other words, the browser recognizes the size of the screen and obeys instructions that correspond to it at the design level (through the CSS style sheet).

Without further ado, now I’m going to give you reasons why responsive web design is more viable than any other option.

Why should the design of your website be responsive, yes or yes?

Accelerated growth in the use of mobile devices

Some people ask me “ What if I don’t take any of the options? “, That is,” What if I ignore mobile devices? ”. Clearly this is a very bad decision and I will explain why.

The use of mobile devices is growing rapidly . In fact, the number of people who connect from a phone or tablet, currently more than 60%, has already exceeded the number of people who do so from a computer.

What happens is that if your web page does not have special instructions for these users, the browser will show the same desktop web design on the mobile device, which will make it very difficult to navigate .

In addition, the search engine, such as Google , will lower your web positioning or eliminate your web page from its list of results (rankings) when a web user searches for it from a mobile device, because your website does not meet the parameters established for adapt to this type of user.

Imagine the amount of potential customers that you are losing just by not having a mobile-friendly website, a lot of people. Then, the most sensible thing is that you try to adapt to this new trend, which is not so new anymore. In fact, this is a trend that will not change since I see it impossible to return to the desktop version as preferred.

In conclusion, it is convenient for you that your website can be viewed from mobile devices and the best way to do it is with a responsive web design.

Growth of online purchases through mobile devices

In the case that you have an online store, the opportunities to monetize your business are much greater if you have a website with responsive design. Perhaps at first, Internet users were not entirely convinced to buy from their mobile devices, but now we see that more and more users use these versions to make their purchases.

At this point I will not deny that it is even more effective to have a native mobile application, but that is a very expensive step that I only recommend when your company has a lot of recognition in the market, sales volume and depending on the profile of your client.

By now you should know that there are many more people interested in buying on the Internet through mobile devices and that you should make an effort to provide that facility to your potential customers.

The need for a good experience

The origin of responsive web design lies in the web user experience.

Remember this: on the Internet there is a lot of competition for offers, so the potential buyer is going to opt for the option that offers the best experience .

What happened with the desktop version on mobile devices was that the page was very difficult to navigate and people preferred not to do it to wait at another time when they were at home or in the office. That is if you decide to wait, because imagine that the design of your website is not responsive and that of your competition is. In that case, people will prefer to enter the other web pages because they navigate better there, the information is better presented, among so many things.

So, efforts are always aimed at providing comfort to the Internet user and you should know that in order for you to be successful you must make your customers love your website.

Differences between Responsive web design and Adaptive web design

At this point you should have a clear idea of ​​which design is best for you. I hope so! Or do you still not know which design to give the golden ball? Well, I summarize some aspects of each design so you can make an intelligent decision:

  • Responsive web design can be a headache when your elements don’t fit optimally across all resolutions and screen; which is not the case with Adaptive web design, since there is a version for each screen.
  • The responsive design of a website is simpler and more flexible , because it is not very demanding; but it is downloaded equally on each screen; The adapted design of a website gives you more control of the content and elements , and is more customizable.
  • Responsive web design can load faster in search engines because it is a single version adapted to all devices; Since Adaptive web page design has to load multiple versions of the web, this could delay the process.
  • When using a Responsive web design there can be many drawbacks to integrating large page elements onto smaller screens; This is the great challenge of this type of design, but this is not the case with the Adaptive thanks to its multiple versions.
  • Another point in favor of Responsive web page design is that the maintenance of a website does not require as much work as an Adaptive website does; yes, for the same reason, because you have to deal with several versions. Instead of a one-bedroom house, you have to clean a house with 5, me up to 6 rooms.
  • Responsive web design considers the audience as ‘a whole’ to be reached, but Adaptive design considers target visitors, providing a specific experience for them.
  • Responsive web design is friendly with SEO , while a serious problem that we have to solve in Adaptive web design is that the content of its multiple versions could be considered repeated or identical content ( thin content ), and well, we already know that Google does not see this with good eyes.
  • Another aspect, sometimes ignored when deciding on design, is that voice searches are becoming more frequent, and these are generally done from mobile devices; Thus, having well-optimized versions for each device, such as those provided by Adaptive web design, can be crucial to improve your SEO for voice searches and make Google love you.


Time to choose: Responsive multi-device web design or adaptive web design for multiple versions

If your business style is based on simplicity and generality, then I recommend that you choose a Responsive web design, so that your company looks the same on any device.

Now, if you want to start reaching specific audiences, then Adaptive web design can make you stand out by creating multiple versions of your same website, and leaving a personalized offer on the table for each type of audience.

Considering how you want to impact your users and what type of traffic you hope to generate, is essential to choose one design or another, but remember that progressively improving your website should be a non-negotiable priority if you want to advance in this online world and be at the forefront than what search engines demand.

Many people believe that adapting the design of their web page to Responsive or Adaptive is just an external aspect of the web, or that it should be done to fulfill the whims of Google, but it goes further; in fact, it goes so ‘further’ that it affects the quality and resolution of your images, SEO optimization compared to voice searches , traffic, among other things, which are summarized in search engine optimization or the popular SEO for which you work so hard every day.

Nor is it that you have to cover everything at once and from the beginning! If you take a look at Instagram, for example, you will notice that this platform achieved success only by creating a version for mobile devices, and it was positioned at the top! It all depends on what you want to achieve.

I hope you can share this post with your friends on social networks, because surely you can help him understand the differences between a Responsive web design and an Adaptive web design.

Below I leave you a small form, which you can fill out so that you can send us your questions and comments, and you will soon hear from us. We will gladly help you!