It is known to most people within the business area that the way in which brands or companies around the world market their products and services has changed over the years. It is no longer just a matter of who records the best radio spot or who places the most striking billboard in the best focal point of the city, but of using the different media that digital evolution brought with it to cover a larger audience, since in Today, many potential customers take the Internet as a daily resource to satisfy even their most trivial needs.

Although it is true, the sum of active users on the Internet has already exceeded the 4 billion barrier ( Internet Live Stats), so then it is clear that advertising on the Internet is an important aspect to take into account. Today’s online presence is even a decisive part for the sales of a business, thanks to the fact that – as we said in the previous paragraph – there is this undeniable number of people who are looking for, and hope, to find the online companies that best suit to what they require instantly; be it food, fashion, health, home, travel, etc.

However, running a business on the Internet and getting noticed takes a lot of work, since just like you, there are millions of other options that offer the same product or service. So how do you differentiate yourself from them and ensure that your potential customers choose you? That’s where the magic of marketing.

The Overview Regarding Digital Marketing

What is known as digital marketing is a powerful weapon for those who operate online and there is no way to deny it. This concept was created with the purpose of helping businesses achieve better visibility and popularity with the public on the Internet, achieving it through a variety of branches, which together, form a complete digital marketing campaign that, if you know how to handle, it can mean the success of a company with an Internet presence.

However, the market overview of what digital marketing is all about is limited, not to say wrong. There are still companies that have the wrong idea about what it is to do online marketing and consider that marketingIn social networks it is a sufficient resource to achieve all the goals that are proposed to be obtained during this process. When the reality is that there is a respectable difference between doing social media marketing and what it is, digital marketing.

Marketing in Social Media Marketing Vs. Digital: The Importance of Knowing Your Differences

First of all, the definition of both concepts points out that marketing on social networks and digital marketing although different, complement each other . The mistake then is of those who believe that social media marketing is the only means of promotion and, therefore, make it a bad assumption of ‘digital marketing’.

As its name implies, social media marketing focuses on attracting and retaining customers through the different social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, using the pertinent tactics that range from publishing visual and textual content, contests, sweepstakes, among other methods or techniques that are of interest to your target.and move their attention to your business.

Yes , the Global Digital Statshot maintains that as of October 2018, there were more than 3 billion active users on social networks, so it is not surprising that companies put all their efforts into marketing on social networks to boost their sales; there is a big market there. Despite this, the problem that is important to highlight is when these companies focus all their attention and budget on just this strategy, leaving aside the opportunity to exploit in the best way the possibilities of success that the Internet offers for business, that is, , to make a function of True Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing: It is the Father of Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses an infinity of options for Internet marketing and encompasses them within a term that requires different strategies / tools to considerably increase the visibility, popularity and prosperity of a business on the Internet. Among the strategies / tools Most notable in digital marketing are SEO, web development, Email Marketing , content marketing , SEM, PPC, web analytics… and social media marketing .

Why It Is Important To Do All Digital Marketing Strategies Instead Of Just Part Of It

According to a study carried out by Nielsen, 60% of Internet users consult about a product or service online before making the purchase , and the common way to do this is through the different search engines that exist in the Network, the most popular being Google, of course. In particular, this technology giant indexes user results with strict criteria of the websites with the highest relevance, highest score, traffic, review score, visits, responsive technology , loading time; the list is long.

For this reason, the task of differentiating your brand or company from the competition becomes complicated, due to the hundreds of websites that seek – like you – to be in the first places and more visible to potential customers; The good use of digital marketing, with its tools, strategies and techniques, becomes a vital element for your business during this process.

Each tool that digital marketing offers is in charge of covering your target audience from different platforms to attract them to your website, either with the mass sending of emails, social media marketing , paid advertising, blog posts., news, SEO, among others, so it is clear how indispensable this concept is and why it is important to take into account all the pieces of the puzzle instead of just one or a few of them.

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